Sunday, August 5, 2007

A serious world o' hurt

Yesterday I had one of the worst headaches I have ever had. It was seriously like #2 of all the bad headaches I have survived. At one point I thought I may have had an aneurysm. They say that an aneurysm feels like the worst headache in the world. Part of the time I felt that my head might actually explode, the other part of the time I thought that killing myself would hurt less. (not really) The remainder of the time I was either sweaty with chills, unable to get comfortable or nauseous. I couldn't strip down, I was at a friends house. Getting comfortable simply wasn't gonna happen. I knew that puking wouldn't help, it would merely increase the throb-ocity. Those of you who get headaches know what I am talking about. Any movement that lowers your head over about 30 degrees make it throb even harder. I medicated with Ibuprofin early on trying to stop it before it progressed into a monster. I was too late. I went from leaning against the bed to sitting in a rocking chair to sitting on the toilet in the bathroom. Sometimes splashing cold water on my hands and face would help. SH had a pow-wow with the lady of house concerning my condition. She brought me real meds. I took 2 pills, one to make the pain stop and one to make me sleep. I took half of the sleep pill. This made me almost unable to stand/lean anymore. I spent what felt like an eternity sitting on the floor in a bedroom, eyes closed overhead fan on full blast. The coolness of the fan felt good but on the flipside the cold air hurt my skin and made me even more nauseous. There I sat, eyes covered, sometimes I rocked, sometimes I sat still. Always rubbing my forehead. Everything above my neck hurt. I did my best not to concentrate on the pain and just breathe. *Insert annoying yoga instructor here* Focus your breath. Long, slow breath in. Long slow breath out. Long, slow breath in. Long slow breath out. This did help and has always helped me when I have this kind of headache. The SH finally decided we should head home and he very sweetly packed up all my stuff, the DiscoGirl, and a to-go plate the lady of the house had prepared for me. We started the trip home. At first the headache got worse and I started to worry. I eventually calmed down and settled in for the quiet ride home. We got home and I felt a bit better. SH made me some soup and I got in bed. Blinds closed, lights off. I stayed there for about 30 minutes and felt loads better. I took it easy the rest of the evening and am back at 100% today.

I think the headache was from too much sun. I had been drinking water all day, and I had eaten. I think I just got too damn hot. :(

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Mother of Purl said...

Feck! I'm so sorry you had a headache from HELL. I totally feel your pain. I'm glad you are better. You are rockin' the crochet thing, you Crafty Bitch! You're so fancy. AndI think it's warmed over, but I'm not sure.