Friday, August 3, 2007

My hook is a smokin'!!!

I have finally finished the charity rectangles! I have 4 done in each color in a shell pattern, 2 granny rectangles and 2 done in a tunisian stitch. Twelve 'tangles total. The newest ones are getting blocked right now and I will post pics when they are finished. I used up all my leftovers in three shades of blue! Sweet.

Mother of purl has kindly offered to take all the other leftovers off my hands too. I will now have room to make a NEW YARN PURCHASE to get Mom's shawl started. I am still unsure and debating colors. I am leaning heavily towards a variagated blue or purple or green. I guess once I see them in person I will have an easier time choosing. I know that she cannot wear certain olivey-yellows or else she looks like death warned (warmed?) over. I will opt for something bright and cheery. I just know she will love this shawl.

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