Wednesday, August 8, 2007

In the bag

After a sleepless night last night (i'll tell ya about that in a minute), I rose dark and early for my interview at 8. I arrived at the office and was rudely greeted by a teenage receptionist. She gave me a dirty look, then proceeded to give her teenage cohort deskmate another look like "what does this old lady want?" Whatever little beotches. I have been menstruating longer than you have been alive so take your dirty looks and shove 'em up your ass. Insert snide smile here. Beotch #1 called "S" and I was instructed to start filling out the job application, she would be by shortly to talk with me. That sucker must have been 8 pages long. I wasn't quite finished when S showed up and took me back to another room where we could chat. We talked jobby-job stuff and then she offered to show me around and let me shadow some of the technicians. I dazzled her with all my answers and she seemed really happy with all the experience I have. Seriously, I think I blew this interview out of the water and feel very positive I will be getting a job offer soon. She said she was going to check my references, do a background search (no problem since I am a perfect angel) and would then get back with me.
The job itself isn't too much different that what I did previously at Dr. McA's. There are several more instruments to learn how to work since this is an Opthamologist instead of an Optometerist, but I really think I would do great at it. I did mention to S that everything was a little overwhelming, but of course with any new job it will be. She laughed and reassured me. Get this, they even get to wear SCRUBS. That is so freaking great. You have no idea how much I love the idea of wearing PJ's to work every day! No need to buy fancyshmancy work outfits. No need to plan the night before what you will wear the next day. In this case it would be a choice between the blue scrubs the blue scrubs or the blue scrubs. The office has a yearly allowance THEY PAY for your scrubs. ROCK. S also mentioned that Wednesdays are only half days. That gives the employees time to do doctors appointments and errands. Also Rock!
Nedless to say, I shot my interview out of the park.

Lets see how SH's interview goes. He is taking a power nap now and will be getting ready for his in the next few hours. *Spoken like Tony Little in the Gazelle commercial* You can do itttttttttttt!!!

Oh yea, I completely forgot to elaborate about the sleepless night. I tried going to bed early to get my beauty rest. LOL. What a crock. I went to bed around 10. I tossed and turned for a while and as soon as I was almost asleep, Baraka decided that he needed to go out. This seriously went on for HOURS. When he wasn't asking to go outside he was panting. He wasn't hot, he does this for attention and it is extremely annoying. At 2:30 I had had enough. I jumped out of bed ready to beat his heinie and I slipped on the carpet and busted my ass. I let him out and he ran directly to the woods. He had to poop. OK. FINE. SH heard the commotion, woke up and offered to watch for Baraka and let me get back in bed. He closed off the bedroom so Baraka would'nt bother me. Instead, Baraka tap-danced on the linoleum outside the bedroom the rest of the night. He really isn't a dancer, We call it tap-dancing because that is what it sounds like he is doing. Sooooo, neither I or SH got much sleep last night and we are exhausted. Maybe I need a nap toooooo. :)

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Mother of Purl said...

Heh, heh, you said menstruating. That's cool. You tell those Bratz dolls who's boss! You ain't playin'! I totally hope you get the job. Need some of my urine?