Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The heat here in the south can be pretty oppressive at times, but this year definately takes the cake. By 8 am, it is already blazing. Opening a door to let a dog go potty will result in immediate face sweating. The heat continues until about 9 at night where it may let off a tad. It has also been exceptionally still out. At least with a breeze you feel a bit cooler. The simple act of walking outside to your car will leave you with googly-moo. What's that you ask? What is googly-moo? Googly-moo is the sweat you get in between the "twins" and underneath your cleavage. It is a big problem in the summer round here.

SH and I have to run some errands this afternoon and we will close the day with a fancy shmancy dinner, where we will use a gift certificate we got last x-mas. YUM!! My question, can we run our errands in our underpants? It would be soo much cooler!!!!

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