Thursday, August 9, 2007

Get the walker ready, Cla is OLD.

I started a project yesterday in an attempt to keep my mind off the one vice I am trying to quit. I had thought about this project months ago. When I have the ClaDesigns crafty room I have been dreaming of, I hope to use these as decoration. I had thought about making several doilies in bright colors, frame them and use them as wall art. Now I know, I sound like an old lady when I say doily. I never contemplated that my crocheting would lead me to them, but oddly enough it has. IMO if they are in pretty colors and framed, they aren't nearly as Old Ladyesque as if they were under lamps and on coffee tables. BUT, if I ever, ever mention wanting to crochet a TP cozy, please just shoot me in the face and put me (and SH) out of my misery.

With the doily idea in hand and antsy fingers, I started Doily #1 yesterday afternoon. I am doing an "easy" pattern in a light purply-lilac. I have attempted doilies before but have always managed to screw them up at about round 5. I would rip out my progress only to start again. Inevitably I would mess up again and rip it out again. To date, I have still not completed a single doily. Hopefully this will be the first. I am up to round 8 of 12. I got to round 9 last night but realized I frucked up and ripped back to round 8. I decided to put it away before I did any more damage. Hopefully I can finish #1 up tonite and get it blocked and ready for the crafty room.

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