Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Back on the workout wagon

Since I had my "procedure", I have been kind of slow to get back in to my workout routine. I am still in the healing process, but each day I feel less tender and have a larger range of motion. It had been difficult to stick to my schedule since I got my job in December because of my hour commute home. By the time I get home, I want to eat, hang out for a little bit, get ready for the next day, then go to bed. Exercising is the LAST THING I want to do. Since today was my first day at home I did a bit more of a workout than usual. My goal is to get back to 45 minutes of cardio at least 4 days a week. I am also going to have to go back to the stricter portion sizes. I went to a nutritionist last year just because I needed more help with my eating habits. I was rudely awakened as to the portion sizes we are eating. I knew we were often eating more than we needed, but I had no idea. The nutritionist and I came up with a nutrition plan that was doable for me. For the first few months, SH and I stuck to it. Portion sizes were carefully measured for each meal. Calories were recorded BEFORE I even consumed them. I recorded the amount of time I exercised and what kind of workout I did. That regimine stopped around the holidays. Imagine that.
I gotta get back into it. I paid, correction, am still paying for the procedure to help me lose my biggest problem areas. I can't just regrow them now. It would be a waste of my investment. I feel pumped about getting back into my workout schedule. I can't wait to start seeing the results of a good, sweaty, muscle burning workout.

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