Friday, August 10, 2007

My first doily is done!!

I finished my first doily last night!!! I was so excited to get it finished. I blocked it earlier this afternoon and will photograph it tomorrow when it is dry. I even finished the loopy belt that was at a standstill. I had stopped working on it since I couldn't remember how to finish it off UNTILLLLL, I was at Michael's this morning and they had the book that belt pattern came from. I flipped to the instructions to see exactly how the ends were done and jotted a few notes in my notebook. When I got home, I finishsed it up. It will be pictured tomorrow as well. The main reason I went to Michael's was to get yarn for mom's pocket wrap Christmas present. I got some chunky variegated Homespun yarn in a deep blue/purple. Really pretty and soft. She is gonna love it! SH said that his mom would probably like one as well, so hers will be next in line. Yeaaaaaa crochet!!!!!

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