Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stoopid drivers

Why is it when you pull to the median, other drivers feel the need to crowd up behind you? Do they think this will make you pull out faster? They ALWAYS block your view of oncoming traffic thus preventing you from moving into traffic.

Why are people who are talking on their cellphones ALWAYS driving slower than the rest of traffic in the PASSING LANE?

Why must other drivers get .2 inches from my back bumper at a traffic light? It isn't going to make the light turn green any faster. It also isn't going to make me go any faster once it does. PERSONAL SPACE FOLKS!!

Blinkers are not options on any vehicle. USE 'EM. They are there for a reason.

My number one problem with bad drivers......
Those who feel that the passing lane is theirs and theirs alone. If you get behind them to pass, they don't get right. They keep driving, blocking traffic for miles. The passing lane is called that for a reason. Get right and I'll pass you. Then you can get back left and impede traffic until you get to your destination.


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