Monday, July 30, 2007

The last Monday at work

Today is my last Monday at work! Tomorrow is my last official day. When I arrived at my office this morning, I was shocked at how empty it looked. I had kindaaa forgotten that I had slowly been taking stuff home to make for an easier last day. I still have a few plants a calendar and an oil lamp to schlepp home. I contemplated not even coming in today since I have enough leave, but I had a chiropractor appointment at 8. I knew I would feel much better once he cracked, twisted and electroshocked me. I got my sleepy ass out of the bed and got moving. Unfortunately last night was YET ANOTHER sleepless Sunday night. Sounds like a Bangles song. I tossed and turned until at least 1:30, then once I fell asleep I proceeded to wake back up every 30 minutes. The dog had to go out sometime around asscrack thirty. He doesn't do this on weekend nights, only weeknights when all the adults have to go to work the next day. ARGH. Soooo annoying.

Anyhoo, enough bitching. I worked on my charity squares this weekend and even did a few in Tunisian stitch. I think I will have a nice variety when they are all finished. I ended up leaving my yarn at the office over the weekend so I ended up using up some leftovers from other projects I did in the same colors! Yea for destashing!!!

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