Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New project idears

I think my next project will be a wrap/shawl with hand pockets or a lapghan with a footie pocket for my mother. She is always so cold and either of these would keep her nice and toasty.

I also found this through the annies attic website. I am sooooo gonna make something.

I am finished with square #4 for the group charity blanket. I think I am gonna wait until I have a few more squares before I finish blocking. I have 1 skein of yarn left in dark blue so I guess I will do another 4 squares. They are actually rectangles so I don't know why they are called squares. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Is there such a think as a granny rectangle? I have a bit of leftover light blue yarn and I assume I will have the same amount of dark blue. I guess I could do a 9th square, I mean rectangle in a grannyesque pattern.
Update: There IS such an animal. Mash here

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