Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Why is it that the receptionists at swanky salons feel the need to be complete beotchs? I just had my first cut at a salon I have never been to. I was referred by my friend/cohort Shmanda. I absolutely adored the stylist, Shmanda said I would, my gripe was with the receptionist. As I waited to "check in" she felt it was unnecessary to look me in the eye. Automatic red flag. When she finally asked me "can I help you", I told her that my appointment was at 1 with MJ. She told me to have a seat and still couldn't manage to look at me. Come on, I am not THAT hard on the eyes. Fast forward to the "check out" procedure. I went back up to the desk hoping that the other receptionist would deal with me. No such luck. The beotch receptionist asked me "can I help you?", again not even looking in my direction. I know she said "can I help you?" but what I heard was "what the fuck do you want?". I told her I needed to pay for my cut. As she swiped my credit card, I asked about adding a tip. She told me, again without looking in my direction, I could write a check or pay cash. I proceeded to write a check and thought, "I sure am glad she isn't getting any of this tip". She was one of the biggest "see you next tuesdays" (read between the lines) I have encountered in quite some time. I mean seriously, you are a receptionist at a salon. I could do that job with my eyes tied behind my back. Fucking get over yourself and be nice to people.

There, rant over.


Mother of Purl said...
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Mother of Purl said...

Yeah, take that shit, stupid beotch at the high dollar salon! I hope you choke on your organic vegan dinner tonight!

Mother of Purl said...