Friday, July 6, 2007

Riddle me this

So, since the Jimmy is pretty much now a deathtrap, I am no longer driving it. We have taken it yet again to the dealership for them to see if they can diagnose the problem. They kept it all day yesterday and drove it all over town with no problems. One of their employees drove it home last night and had no problems. They can't put their finger on exactly what is wrong with it. It is making me CRAZY! I feel like it is all in my head or maybe something is off with my chi that the truck doesn't like so it ONLY DIES ON ME. The SupaHubby is taking his chances and driving it to play golf one hour away from home. I only hope that if it does give him trouble, he can safely get to the median or shoulder. I just spoke with him and he did indeed make it safely to the golf course. Hurrah!! I just hope he can also make it home safe and sound.

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