Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New post

Mother of Purl told me I needed to update my blog. Done. :)

Seriously though, my time at work has almost come to an end and I am none too pleased. I started gathering my officey stuff together and have taken an armload of it down to the truck each evening. I had no idea how much stuff I had amassed over the past 7 months. It consists of four plants, two blankets, a desk lamp, toiletries, tchotchkies, magazines, books, training binders, crochet supplies, a RioGrande catalog and a plethora of work related paperwork. Where on earth am I gonna put this stuff now?!?! ARGH.

Another thing. I need a neeeeewwww crochet project.


Mother of Purl said...

What the fuck are tchotchkies?!

cladee said...

lol, you know "chotch-kies", knick-knacks, pretties. :)