Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just keep on using me, until you use me up

This morning, I finished up a bottle of shampoo AND a giant bottle of lotion. I am almost finished with a tube of toothpaste that will likely see the trash can tonite or tomorrow. I love it when I finish a bottle/tube/vial of my bath and body products. I have been slowly going through my stash of products trying to use up stuff that has been sitting there taking up space. I tend to amass those little samples of lotion, deodorant and perfume until my bathroom is OVERFLOWING in teeny tiny containers. When this happens, I make myself use them until the stash is manageable and almost nonexistent. It is then time to sign up for more free samples!

The lifespan of body products reminds me of the lifespan of lightbulbs. I noticed that when I finish a bottle of shampoo, the conditioner is usually close behind. This reminds me of lightbulbs because they all seem to blow within a few days of each other. Is it just me or do you get startled when a bulb blows as you flick the switch? My heart always skips a beat when I do that.

It takes so little to amuse me. :)

ETA- the toothpaste tube has been finished too!!

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