Friday, June 15, 2007

Wait, I am confused....

So my 6 months is almost up at my temporary job at the Historical Commission. The time has flown by and I really don't want to have to leave. Everyone has been nice and I feel like I was just starting to fit in.
Earlier in the week, I sent the HR person an email inquiring about my insurance coverage and when it would end since my 6 months will be up on June 18th. She answered my question about the insurance and added: "Cla, we have not said that your employment is going to end in June." . Wait.....what? Was a decision made I was not aware of? I was under the impression that as of June 19th, I would be returning to my previous job. Now I am being told that I can stay? The HR person told me yes, I could continue working past the 18th. She said that funding/work is still available so I can stay. I decided to check with my supervisor. She hadn't heard anything either way.
I was evaluated a few weeks ago for my 6 month evaluation, and passed with flying colors (duh). The letter regarding my evaluation stated that I would be awarded a raise and it would be reflected in my August pay. I thought that in the event I returned at a later date, the raise would THEN apply. Apparently the letter stated that I have been awarded a permanent position. I am still confused.
I am gonna try not to poke too many people about this in the hope they don't change their mind. The big boss has been out all week so I am sure the HR person will touch base with him regarding this tomorrow. It is still entirely possible that as of the 19th, I will no longer be employed here. I have already sent resumes to other possible options as a backup plan. Archaeologists aren't really in demand around here, so I have responded to several doctors offices with job listings. After all, I did that for almost 10 years working for Dr. McA. I can do secretarial/office work with my eyes tied behind my back.
I hope this isn't too good to be true. Fingers crossed!!!


Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

By the powers of Grayskull, I demand that you stay!