Friday, June 22, 2007

Cladeeclucla, V2.0 now available!!

Well folks, I just got back from my procedure! It wasn't as scary as I had anticipated. They started the procedure around 3 and finished up a tad bit before 6. I took a brief look at myself after they finished up and I can already tell a difference. They now have me in a VERY constrictive compression thing (like biking shorts from back in the day) that I will have to wear for a few days. The interesting thing, it is crotchless! tee-hee I found it very difficult to pee with it on. My brain kept telling my pee "noo, not yet, she still has clothes on", but I eventually got a good stream. I am also oozing at the holes they went in through. I feel good now but I think the pain will be setting in overnight. I am already noticing some soreness in my abdominal area.
The doctor and his staff were extremely personable and easygoing. I prefer that much better than the old stuffy doctors with absolutely no bedside manner. We all cut up and the doctor ended up singing several of the Pink Floyd songs we listened to throughout the procedure.
I am so happy today has finally come and gone. The anticipation and the desire to rid myself of those problem areas was overwhelming. I know that my results from the procedure could take at least 6 months to really show themselves, but I already feel more confident in my skin.

Props to my SupaHubby for being so attentive and helpful. I <3 you baby.

Saturday update: I feel like a freaking sausage in these short things. My upper thighs are so swollen they have smooshed out into the crotchless area. My cash and prizes are almost not visible because of this. My main method of movement is now waddling. I just hope that when the swelling goes down, I don't keep walking like this!! One other funny thing I didn't notice last night. This compression garment has lace along the bottom of the leg so it is SUPER sexy!!

I have also figured out that it is best to stay in a reclining position. It is difficult to breathe while sitting due to the extremely constrictive nature of this garment. Now I know what it was like to wear a corset back in the day! I am also scared to eat too much, no room for expansion!

The oozing was really bad last night and continues today. I am having to replace the gauze pads every few hours and am sleeping on a towel so I don't stain the sheets. The abdominal pain is setting in now, but that is nothing a painkiller won't fix! Tylenol 3, here I come!!!


Mother of Purl said...

I'm so glad everything went ok. Ty and I were thinkin' about you today. When you're better I want to borrow the crotchless bike shorts. :) Holla' if you need anything. Love your guts out. No pun intended.

Mother of Purl said...

P.S. Oozing at the holes sounds really freaky. And cool. I know how you like that shit.