Monday, June 25, 2007

Oozing the day away - Sunday

Today will be the third day since my my upgrade. I am able to move around easier and am not as sore. Another good thing, I have 3 hours and 43 minutes left before I can take this mf'ing compression garment off! I know I have to wear it for a reason, but it is just so damn uncomfortable! The velcro that covers the zippers on the inside, presumeable to prevent the zippers from digging into your swollen flesh, is digging into my swollen flesh. It is also really hurting my back. In the morning when I wake, my back feels all knotted up and tight from having zero mobility throught the night. I easily fix that problem with the painkillers. :)

I will admit, I had a bit of a freakout Saturday afternoon. The SupaHubby had come in to change my bandages. He removed one of the band-aids from the side of my abdomen and the wound started oozing. Now I didn't know the extent of the oozing because I couldn't see over my ginormous boob. My only gauge was SupaHubby's face. I saw fear on his face. The floodgates opened and I started crying. I wasn't scared that I was oozing. I was scared because reality had finally caught up with me. I had undergone a procedure much bigger than anything I have had in the past and it just hit me.

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Mother of Purl said...

I love the label for this post. Will you have any more "Ooze" topics in the future?