Friday, June 15, 2007

Cladee V2.0 coming July 07

Ok. I have dealt with this long enough. I have scheduled an appointment for cosmetic surgery to be SmartLipo'ed. My weight has been an issue since 7th grade and to this day it is something that is constantly on my mind. It is the first thing I think of when I wake and the last thing I think of when going to sleep. My first memory of being "bigger" than everyone else came as a result of all the girls in gym class getting weighed and I was a good 30 lbs. more than everyone else. I have no idea who the sadistic bastard was that decided this was necessary, but nonetheless, I have been scarred ever since.
Even at my smallest and lightest, I have problem areas that refuse to go away. I don't mind being hippy and curvy, that is not the problem. I am just GINORMOUS in areas and extremely disproportional. I would kill to be able to walk into a normal store and buy something off the rack that fits me properly. My goal of this surgery is to "shave off" the extra fat in a few areas that won't seem to go away. I am not doing this to become a size 2. I would shit myself if I could fit into a size 10.
Now before you cringe in horror, this is not the same Lipo you are accustom to seeing on television. This type of lipo is a fairly new procedure and is MUCH less traumatic that the regular stabby kind. It involves a much smaller cannula (the sucker probe thingy) and on the tip of the cannula is a laser. The laser will melt the fat as opposed to shredding it and sucking it. This results in a smoother "finish". The body will slowly absorb the lasered fat over approximately 6 months. This procedure is less invasive, less traumatic and has a much speedier healing time. They say that it is possible to return to work the same day, but I certainly will not. I am scheduled for a Friday so I will have the weekend to begin healing.
I am a little scared but a lot excited. I took out a small loan to help cover the cost which is much less than regular lipo.
Steve is hesitant about me having it done and I understand why, but I know he (and I) will be pleased with the results.
Dr. Ferguson will be doing my procedure.

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