Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Disco incident

Last night, the SupaHubby and I were discussing possible vacation plans in our back office. He suddenly realized that the dogs were entirely too quiet in the living room. We knew Baraka (the camera shy older brother) wouldn't be misbehaving, sleep is one of his favorite pastime these days. We also knew of Disco's love of all things ropey, twiney and thread-ish. SupaHubby jumped up and went into the living room, catching our precious baby girl in the act. She was rolling around in the floor with market bag #2 and it's attached skein of yarn. Yipee, what fun! She managed to unravel about half of the skein and everything was goey. ewww. This bag was suppposed to be for Shmanda, and I pondered giving her bag #1, leaving me with drooley bag #2. She declined and will accept the drooley bag, as long as I wash it first. Come on, the doggie drool would be an added bonus! Consider it a form of Scotchguard! I just finished untangling the now crunchy yarn and will get back to work on the bag. I think we are gonna have to take away all ropey forms of entertainment for the little Disco and go back to regular toys. I am also going to have to find a secret unreachable hiding place for all my crochet and crochet accessories.

Disco and Baraka, doing tricks for treats.

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