Saturday, September 15, 2007

overworked, overwhelmed and underpaid

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The past week at the new job has been exceptionally trying and exhausting. I have been thrown into the pit to so to speak and have been extremely overwhelmed. I don't have a problem working with the patients, I just am still not familiar with exactly what tests to do when and things like that. They are teaching us stuff but everyone does things differently and certain docs prefer certain forms/tests/ways of stating things. I really feel like Peterman from Office Space. I have found that the technicians that work alongside me do all the work and basically bring in all the money, but we don't get jack in return. We have those stupid morale/teamwork building meetings too. BOOOORRRIIINNNGGG. We even have our own Lumberg except there are two of them. Chris and Barbara. One is the gum nazi and the other is just a bitch. Neither of them works "the floor" or deals with patients. They are basically paper shufflers. They both work upstairs, wear suits, have nice offices and drive nice cars. They are the ones making all the money that should be ours. I found out yesterday that we have to stay late 3 times a month and have to come in EARLY too. Come on folks, I have to get up at 5:30 just to get there by 8. I seriously doubt I can get up much earlier and keep my sanity. Conversely, I get home at 6 even though I get off work at 5. Just what I want is to stay another hour at work!!! The pay seems virtually non existent once I fill my gas tank. I haven't made this kind of pay in over 10 years. I also didn't have nearly the workload, commute or stress. I think I am going to continue looking for jobs elsewhere. One of the new girls that started the same day as me shared some interesting news. Apparently "the test" to move up one notch on the ladder, will max out our pay at 12.50 an hour. Again, really not a lot of pay for all that the responsibilities and drama. She and I both had been at jobs that paid quite a bit more than now and we both are making commutes of at least an hour. It is funny how when I interviewed they made the job sound so much better. Enough griping about is the weekend.

Back to the toe-lio, The bruising has oddly migrated to other areas of the foot through the week. After a full week on my feet, yesterday morning I noticed that toe was itching. I took off my sock and was shocked to realize it had swollen and looked like a vienna sausage. I vowed to stay off it as much as possible and keep it iced all weekend. Of course my new health insurance policy won't kick in until I am "off my probationary period" at work, which could be up to 90 days depending on how they think I am doing. Unfortunately because of this, I can't go to the doctor and have it looked at. I was supposed to go watch the Bama game today at a friends house but backed out to spend time with my foot up.

I even attempted to do some exercising this afternoon and realized how bad I am out of shape YET AGAIN. I am now only able to workout 3 days a week and with toe issue it makes it more difficult and I can only do pilates in the floor. I guess I will go back to being a lard ass.

On the crafty side, I haven't made much of anything lately. I did make a pair of earrings the other day to wear to work, but I have been so tired after work I have just want to eat and go to bed when I get home. I am contemplating pulling out some crochet yarn and get to hooking. :)

I noticed this morning that "little" Disco (aka Gigantor) grew overnight! We were weighing her on our bathroom scale. The last time we weighed her (with SH holding her in his arms), the scale wouldn't register. I assume it topped out. At last weight, she was 80 lbs. She is only 8 months and I think she will go through one more growth spurt. I can only imagine what the rest of her litter weigh since she was the runt.


Mother of Purl said...

Fuck that shit! You don't need that. I think you should find a red stapler and go totown on they ass! Hahahahahahahha!

Miss you tons. Hope your toelio gets better, or you may end up like Mac!

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