Saturday, September 29, 2007

My latest doilies

Here are my two latest doilies. Both are done in a light light pink. The color looks very washed out, but I promise they are pink. :)

This one is quite large, maybe 9 inches across.

This one is small, maybe 5 inches across.


Mother of Purl said...

Dude, I love your doilies! I thought you swore you'd never make thse things. But I'm glad you did, 'cuz they rock my face off. sorry about your toe-lio. All you have to do is save up sick leave for a coupla years and you can go to the doctor to see about it. Mwahahahahahahaha!

catsmum said...

That small one would look gorgeous hung in the window for Christmas and even more so if it had some friends to keep it company

cladee said...

Hmmm, friends.....I like the smaller ones since they can be finished in a few hours. Maybe I will work on some others in different colors. :) Good idea catsmum!!