Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mo' baby stuff!!!

Lordy, the last 12 months have been the most baby-having 12 months in my life! It seems like almost everyone I know is having or has just had a baby. I finally finished most of the baby goodies and am working on a shawl for ME!!! Here are pics of the most recently finished pieces. These are for SH's cousin's baby. Now I hear you saying "Wait, I saw that one a few weeks ago?!?" It isn't. I did a second set with the leftover yarn from the first set. The stripe pattern is different on the second version. I had no idea how far those 3 5 oz. skeins of yarn would go! I still have some in the purple and white left over!! I even did the braid as shown in the instructions. The first few blanket I simply finished with 3 rows of sc. I used a pattern I have done before but it looked so boring. Nothing jazzes up a blanket like a few rows of super soft fuschia yarn and a GIANT bloom in shades of pink. :)

That is all the new baby stuff. I have spent the last week working on my shawl. I had no idea how long it would take to complete. I think I am about 75% done. The pattern was kinda difficult to get started, the instructions were a little unclear and inconsistent, but I have tweaked them to make it work. It will be so very pretty. Pics to come soon.

Saw a cool movie the other night...The Invisible. I swear the main character looks familiar. I IMDB'd him but he hasn't been in anything significant. I really liked this movie. It was done by some fo the same people who worked on The Sixth Sense. This one is about death and the line between life and death. It left me a little confused about some things, but most good movies do.

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