Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby Blankets Galore

I have busy making baby blankets for several mommies and mommies to be. I can't post pics of all of them since some are surprises, but I will share the others. I also have a few more in the planning stages. Here goes.

First, Etta's stroller set. The colors remind me of Neopolitan ice cream....chocolate brown, strawberry pink and vanilla white. YUM.

Next is Connor's "Big Boy" blanket. I made him a baby blanket when he was born. He will be able to "grow into" this one.

Last isn't a baby blanket, it is a shawl made for the most adorable 6 year old I know. I used an adult pattern and shortened it to about 3/4 of the length. I also added braided ties so little Miss Rambunctious will be able to keep it on.

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