Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Still unemployed

SH and I finished up our x-mas shopping this morning. It felt so good to have that chore complete! I picked up the mail on our way in and there was a letter from Troy in the stack. Oh goodie!! News about the jobs!!! Wait a minute sister. Not so fast. I had to read the letter twice to make sense of it. The position I interviewed for last week has been filled. SHIT. Oh well, still no word yet about the interview yesterday....until I checked my voicemail. YUP, they filled that job too. DOUBLE SHIT. What gets me is that I had two friends associated with each of these jobs who were pulling for me. I am seriously at my wits end. I had a little mini breakdown after getting the double thumbs down today. Why is it that the only place that was interested in me treated me like crap and paid me even less? Why will nobody hire me? I am at a complete loss.

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Mother of Purl said...

I'll tell ya' why - they are stupid dumbhead nong-nongs! Eeeediots!! They probably hired the boss's niece or some crap such as that. don't get down about it, you're awesome and we miss you at the AHC. We think you're the SHIT.