Tuesday, December 18, 2007

At least I don't have a tum-ah!!!

I have been having headaches and migranes for quite some time now. There is really no rhyme or reason when they hit, they seem random. I finally saw a doctor about them. She sent me off for an MRI and bloodwork. In the process of taking my blood, the nurse gave me a major crack bruise. LOVELY! During the MRI I also was gifted with yet another crack bruise when they added the contrast. I have been doing my best to keep that arm covered when I leave the house. :) My results from the bloodwork and the MRI were both normal. I have been given a Rx for a medicine to take at the onset of a migrane. I haven't taken one yet and am a little anxious about taking one. I was informed that about 30 minutes after taking the pill I will experience some interesting side effects. My heart will start to race and I will get flushed. This is the medicine getting into my bloodstream and starting to take effect. She told me that she just wanted to let me know so that I won't freak out when I start to feel the side effects. These pills aren't cheap either! Six of them were $120.00!!! I sure hope they work.

Still no word about jobs. I found out some crappy news about one of the jobs on campus. I was their first choice for the job. BUT, a higher up involved in the hiring process didn't like the way the other administrators were interviewing. He went over their heads and hired a friend of a friends wife who needed a job. Now let me add that this woman knows absolutely nothing about computers and the university system. They will have to train her from the ground up. ARGH!!! I do know that they will be opening yet another position, basically to take up the slack from this lady. I will have to reapply and reinterview. That should be a barrel of monkeys.
I have registered for another test so that I can be eligible for another state job. I would much rather prefer a kush state job over one on campus, but I am not going to be picky at this point.

In all my down time, I am still working on blankets. Most recently I started working on ablanket for the MIL. SH mentioned last week that his mother would LOVE a blanket for Christmas. We went to get the yarn and I started working immediately. I had 14 days to get it done since we will be doing family christmas Saturday. I had 80 squares to create, attach them into strips 8 squares long, attach the strips together, then finish the entire blanket in 5 rows of stitches. I finished the last 14 squares yesterday since I ran out of 2 colors of yarn. While waiting for more yarn, I managed to get most of the strips done. Today I have 6 major connections to sew and will hopefully get started on the finishing. I have never done a blanket of this caliber in this amount of time. WHEW. I will be glad when it is finished. Will get pics soon.

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