Sunday, December 30, 2007

possibly the last post of the year

Seems like it has been ages since I blogged......

Following that wreck in front of the house, I have been kind of in a slump. I have been so sad thinking about the family of the driver. She didn't get to be at home for the holidays. I assume following the funeral/memorial service, the family drove up to see the accident site. There were flower arrangements and a funeral wreath placed at the scene. There are orange/white DOT barrels on the median warning drivers that the pavement is pitted and uneven from the extreme heat.

I had pretty much fallen off of the exercise wagon after quitting my job. Recently I have slowly gotten off my arse and climbed back on. I started doing two workouts in the day. I have been doing at least 30 minutes on the treadmill, walking and running. I usually burn about 200 calories or more. Yesterday I went almost an hour and made up for two cinnamon rolls I ate. It felt so good to feel like I never even ate them!! I try to treadmill earlier in the day, then at 6 pm I do my regular workout. I have all kinds of workout videos, but I am trying to stick to cardio for the time being. I am also back to counting calories. UGH. I read somewhere online about a way to start cutting calories that is a little easier to stick with as opposed to immediately slashing your intake by several hundred calories. It suggested cutting 100 calories per day and sticking with that for 4 days. On day five, cut another 100 calories and stick with that for 4 days. You will eventually be down to the calorie limit you should sustain.

This has been on my mind and I want to bring up a question to see how others feel. Say you want to add a pet to your family. Specifically a puppy. You already have a very sweet 5 year old dog. Do you get rid of the first pet to add a new pet to the family? I have a friend who is "retiring" pet #1 for pet #2. Pet #1 will be going to live at the parent's house. I could never get rid of a pet for the sake of adding another! You certainly couldn't do that with children!!

Xmas was great this year. I didn't have many wants this time around. Normally I have all kinds of wishes and "needs". I felt bad asking for things since I was not working and bringing in a paycheck. I did get one of my big iPod!! SH got it for me for my birthday and all the accessories came for xmas. I even got a really cool cover for it. It is hard plastic with a chrome-type finish on it. When the ipod is on, the screen is visible through the cover only to the user. It rocks. I have since become a Podcast nerd. I have all kinds of podcasts and have actually been BUYING music. I hadn't purchased music in ages. I have used the ipod while treadmilling and it makes the time go by much faster than staring at the walls or the tv.

I have still been crocheting blankets. I ended up making one for SH's mother that I finished in record time. I completely forgot that SH mentioned that his mother would love to have one of my blankets until 10 days before we were to visit them. We made a mad dash to pick out yarn and I got to crocheting. I thought a pattern utilizing squares instead of a full-on blanket would be fastest. In all the rush of holiday-ness, I forgot to take a pic of it!!! I found the pattern at Bernat. The site is running v.e.r.y s.l.o.w. today so I couldn't link the pattern but here is a pic. I went with a similar color pattern too. It looks so much prettier in person.

The current wip (below) is a lapghan using leftovers from the MIL blanket.

I am working on another blanket for a certain someone when they get knocked up.......*wink-wink* you know who you are. It just needs one more skein to be finished. I also have plans to re-start a blanket I intended on making about 5 years ago for my nephews. I had all the best intentions when the boys were babies to make them a blanket, but since I was looming it (waaaay before learning crochet) I couldn't figure out how to attach the squares correctly. I had 70% of the squares done when I completely trashed it. I am now going to make good on the promise I made myself and get their blanket in the works. :) Only now it will need to be much bigger!!!

P.S. I need this and/or this. Mother of Purl, you need this.

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Mother of Purl said...

I love it! We are totally nerds. And I'm ok with that. I'm very proud of you for getting back on the exercise wagon. Better you than me. :) So does this mean you'll be walking around with that damn ipod in your ear so that I have to wave my hand in front of your face in order to get your attention to talk to you?!