Friday, June 13, 2008

Lazy Blogger

I have been pretty slack in my Blog upkeep lately. I am still getting adjusted to the new house and a different way of doing things. I haven't spent much time on my caveman laptop lately. This computer seems to get slower and slower every day. I don't have the patience to wait for things to load.
I finally took a few pictures of the house as well as a few pictures of what I did with our front windows. We have two sidelights around the front door. They are simple glass windows that allow everyone who drives or walks by a complete and unobstructed view inside our house. I do not like that one bit. I originally wanted sidelight curtains but we were unable to find them. Then I wanted to do a glass treatment that made them look like stained glass, Gallery Glass. We finally found the Gallery Glass stuff at Michaels and I pondered the pattern to use. After thinking about numbers, measurements and other mind numbing things, I decided to freehand. Nothing had to be exact. I went with a vine pattern. It turned out so good! If you don't know anything about Gallery Glass, it is a "paint" that when dry, looks like stained glass. They even have "leading" strips that you can peel and stick, or you can make your own lines with the liquid version. I used the leading as the vine and the outer edges of leaves. I filled in the leaves with clear. When the clear dried, it looks like wavy glass. I intended on "etching" the remaining glass to make the panels completely opaque, but liked the look of just the vines. Immediately following the start of the Gallery Glass, my mil offered to make sidelight curtains if we sent her the fabric and measurements. Now we have the vine pattern with pretty green curtains to further obstruct prying eyes. We absolutely love the way it turned out.

Our new little house!!


Sidelight curtains (thanks S!!)

We saw The Happening this afternoon. Meh. It was a good movie but wasn't as scary as I anticipated. It also didn't have the usual M. Night Shyamalan twist like I expected.

We are planning on having a garage sale tomorrow in the hopes of unloading lots of useless stuff we have acquired over our last 15 years. I wish we had done this before the move! I just hope it doesn't rain. It is already drizzling out....fingers crossed! Once we clean out the garage from the garage sale, I will be able to park in it. Pretty cool. SH built shelves to put all our garagey stuff on and they look great. The rest of the house has pretty much fallen into place.

I have been sending in resumes on a daily basis. Hurry up people, I am waiting on your calls for interviews!!! I think a lot of these places won't give me a second look since they know I have a college education. Apparently this means they will have to pay me more. Ummmmm, hello. I wouldn't have sent in a resume to apply for the job if I wasn't interested.

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