Friday, June 20, 2008

Hurrah for Cla!!

I got a call back about my interview yesterday. I was offered the job at the Optometrist's office! I went by there to check out their scrubs so I would know what to purchase, then I went into town and got my new uniforms! SH will be so happy because on Tuesdays, we wear BAMA scrubs. hehe. The place is really pretty and everone on staff there seems really sweet. During my interview yesterday, the doctor had some patients to see so I spent an hour or so hanging out with the other employees. They showed me around and let me sit in with a few patients. That is the most computerized office I have seen in some time. It sure beat the crap of the other eye place I recently worked at. We will not mention the name, but you can find it if you read through some other posts. Anyway, I start Monday and am pumped. I won't be teching, I will be working in the Optical dispensary for now. I don't have much experience with glasses but I do know some basics so I am sure it will come easily to me. YAY JOB!!!

On Monday, I decided to go into town and do a little shopping. I had to make a pit stop at the yarn store to see and touch all the yummy yarns. While I was there I made the decision (Mother of Purl, you are gonna love this) to try knitting. The owner suggested I start with a thick yarn and a simple scarf to get me going. I guess I had delusions of grandeur when I said "how hard would it be to go from crocheting to knitting socks?" I was a little disappointed that they didn't have ANYTHING in the way of crochet books. I got everything home (after a long wait downtown because the battery in the truck died, another long story) and tried to figure this knitting stuff out. I am still quite confused, but I have done several rows on something that could actually end up being a scarf. At this point I am having trouble keeping the thread high enough up on the needle for the next stitch. I think I have the cast on, knit stitch and purl stitch down though. I have got to get a library card sometime soon so I can see what the TTown library has in the way of knitting/crocheting books. I just hope my crochet stuff doesn't get too jealous!!

Here is the yarn I got.

This is my progress so far.

On a bit of a sad note, SH's parents went out of town for a few days and when they returned, Noah wasn't there. This was on Monday. Still no Noah as of last night. Yesterday morning I was standing in the kitchen and something caught my eye outside. I saw a black cat with white feet playing on the hill. It was chasing a butterfly. It looked exactly like Noah. I had to think to myself, you did see that right? I went outside for a better look but couldn't see it through all the tall grass. I kept looking and after a little while, I saw the grass move and eventually saw the cat. I whistled and called for it, but it acted as if it didn't hear me. It then turned and walked away. I am still wondering, did I see that cat? Was it Noah? Why didn't it respond to my calls? Was it his spirit saying goodbye? Or was it simply a cat that looked a lot like Noah?


Lulu said...

love the colors..
good luck with knitting..i have tried to learn also, but my passion is for crochet..

Anonymous said...

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