Monday, May 26, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We are finally in Northport! We packed up the UHaul last Wednesday and left Troy Thursday at the crack of dawn. We made it here safe and sound and had everything unloaded by 2 in the afternoon. SH's parents were a BIG help. We have spent the past few days unpacking, arranging and getting stuff together for a yard sale. We had so much stuff that we never used! I really don't want to have to do a yard sale, but I want the cash. :) Our first night here was quite eventful. After spending hours unpacking boxes and putting things away, we decided to go out back and hang out for a while. SH decided to step inside for a minute, but he couldn't get inside. The door had locked! Apparently we didn't know the trick for the door. DOH! We were both locked out in our pjs at midnight. Oh joy. We remembered that earlier in the day, SH's parents met one of our new neighbors. This guy had locked himself out and was waiting on a locksmith. Remembering this, SH went down to neighbor's house (in his pjs) to use his phone. Neighbor called the locksmith and as SH waited with the neighbor, I stayed in the garage and broke down boxes and straightened up. While we were all waiting for the locksmith, neighbor locked himself out of his house AGAIN. DOH!! The locksmith finally arrived and we told him that although we were in our pajamas, it could have been worse. He said that he had picked a few locks for people in worse predicaments than us. I couldn't imagine how embarrasing that would be. We finally got back in the house and crashed. First thing the next day we had keys made.

Our other event happened earlier in the day. I went out in the garage and heard rain. I looked out the side door expecting to see rain, but it was completely dry. The dripping was coming from a pipe in the ceiling of the garage. The water was landing right on the hood of SH's truck. I yelled into the house that SH may want to come out and see this. We had just moved the washer/dryer a little while before so we thought maybe we had done something with a pipe. We couldn't figure out why there was water coming from a pipe in the ceiling. While SH was at neighbor's house waiting on the locksmith, he asked about it. Neighbor said that it was an emergency relief valve to the AC unit. Apparently our house had been closed up since winter and when we turned the AC on, the unit froze up and this dripping was from that. I turned the AC to a non-freezing temperature and the dripping eventually stopped. Whew, disaster averted.

We are returning to Troy tomorrow to clean the house and ready it for showing. Not fun. I hope it sells soon.

Now that we officially moved, working out is going to have to become a priority again. It had fallen to the wayside while preparing for the move. Both SH and I are going to board the workout wagon and get back into shape. I have taken almost a month off and can feel it.

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