Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We have finally decided to make the change and move! SH has been offered a job in Tuscaloosa and we are getting out of Dodge!! This weekend we will meet with realtors in the hopes of finding a rental house in our price range that ALSO allows pets. We likely won't be able to take all five, just the dogs. The cats will probably have to live with SH's parents until we can purchase a house in the next year to year and a half.

All of our friends give the same response when we tell them we are moving. First they are excited about it, they all know it is something we want. Then they realize that this means we will be far away from them and not be seeing them as often, and they are sad. It is so bittersweet. We have known many of these people since we were in college and have watched several of them grow up. We just hope all the advice and love we have given out over the years sticks with them.

We have been boxing up all the crap we have managed to accumulate over the 12 years we have lived here. It is amazing how much we have! We had to clean out our storage shed to make room for our packed boxes since we don't have room in the house to store them.
It is going to be expensive to move and I worry about it every day, but we will make it....somehow. I have been looking for jobs in the area every day and have sent in several applications, but it is more difficult when you live 3 hours away! I pray I can find something quickly. I am going to get in touch with some of the boutiques and wedding planners there in town to see if they would like to carry my jewelry or use me as a vendor for custom orders. That would be wonderful. I am going to wait until we get there so I can discuss this in person with the owners.

I haven't been crocheting much since we found out we are moving. I had finished several small projects for friends. I am trying to deplete my stash so we won't have to move it. I am doing my best to resist the urge to buy more until we move. There are 3, count em THREE places I can buy yarn in Tuscaloosa, as opposed to 1 here in town. We are moving up in the world!

I tried my hand at a few more batches of jelly, half worked, half didn't. I think the first batch was a case of beginners luck. The ones that didn't work never set. They were the consistency of honey. I was so mad. I wasn't about to rebatch it. In all I have made Habanero, Jalapeno and Triple Pepper Jellies. The Habanero was spicy but not too hot, the jalapeno was very mild and a little smokey. The Triple Pepper Jelly hasn't been tasted yet, but I know it will be yummy.

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