Thursday, April 3, 2008

Its a zoo around here

I recently started making amigurumi animals for all the babies in my life. Here is the lineup. They are so cute and most are fast to create. I am still having some trouble with attaching limbs and such, but each one shows improvement in my ability.

Sara Tonin. Pattern here.

Gobbles the Bear. Pattern here.
Betty the Bunny. Pattern here.
Angel Fish. Pattern here.

Ellie the Elephant. Pattern here.

Todd the turtle. Pattern here.


SBTVD said...
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Mother of Purl said...

Looks like you got a scary random post. Delete! Delete!

Can I just say that the crochet animals rock my face off?! They are so cute, I can't stand it. I hope little Almondine gets on of the swimming varietah. :)
You are a yarn goddess.

Lynn said...

Those are so cute. I've been wanting to try the elephant from the Lion Brand pattern and now seeing yours makes me want to even more.